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Where To Catch Pigepic In TemTem

Where To Catch Pigepic In TemTem
One of TemTem’s many side quests has you look for a Pigepic. This guide tells you exactly Where To Catch Pigepic In TemTem so you can find this wind TemTem to add to your team and complete the side quest asking you to locate one.

This side quest is available early in the game. A small child inside a house asks you to find a Pigepic as he has a toy of the TemTem and is a huge fan. However, at first glance, it doesn’t appear there’s anywhere to catch a Pigepic at the earlier stages of the game.

Where To Catch Pigepic In TemTem

Where To Catch Pigepic In TemTem
You need to progress through the game until you reach the town of Arissola. Just South of the town is a small area with grass and a couple of trainers. It’s at the top of the very long walk through the Thalassian Cliffs.

It’s exactly where I’m standing above. It’s not a rare TemTem here and it may be available elsewhere but this was the most common spot I found them to appear.

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