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Where To Catch Piplup In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Piplup is one of the more popular starter Pokemon in the series. This guide on Where To Catch Piplup In Pokemon Legends Arceus will let you find Piplup very early on in the story and it’s also used in one of the games many Requests.

Request #55 – Poor Peckish Piplup is a Request that begins in the Cobalt Coastlands, on the very South East corner of the map on a small island called Tombolo Walk. You will need the ability to surf on water before you’re able to reach this location. If you don’t see the Request on the map it’s because you haven’t caught a Piplup yet.

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Where To Catch Piplup In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Piplup In Pokemon Legends Arceus
You can find a Piplup on the Cobalt Coastlands map, specifically near Islespy Shore. There is a very small lake inland. There is a single Piplup that appears near this lake. He is very small but you should be able to spot him when you get close.

Piplup is a very cautious Pokemon. It will be alerted to your presence from quite the distance and will immediately flee. Therefore, you will need to either stun it with something or sneak up behind it and hit it with a surprise Pokeball. Once you’ve caught Piplup you have yourself another cool starter and you can also do the Request.

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