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Where To Catch Scyther In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Scyther is one of the coolest first generation Pokemon and it’s also needed for a Request. This guide on Where To Catch Scyther In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you where you can find the dual bladed Pokemon so you can complete Request #52 – Coming Up Roses.

Request #52 – Coming Up Roses is one of the many Requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus but it’s one of the more unique ones as it’s only available once you have unlocked the ability to ride on water. Once you have Pokemon Legends Arceus’ version of the surf ability, you can find this quest on the first map you can explore, on an island to the very South West corner of the area.

Where To Catch Scyther In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Scyther In Pokemon Legends Arceus
You can find Scyther deep in the Obsidian Fieldlands map, the first area you get to explore in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Before you are able to reach this area you must first reach Rank One, otherwise an NPC will not let you cross the bridge to reach this area. You want to travel to The Heartwood. There’s a small area with some trees that leads to a large open area. If you come here during the day, I went whilst it was cloudy, but Scyther are available there in other weather, you will encounter a group of 3 or 4.

Once you’ve caught Scyther you can return to the man and hand it over. Unlike other Requests, you need to have Scyther in your party for the Request to finish.

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