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Where To Catch Tadpoles In New World

You need 7 Tadpoles to complete a quest

There are a lot of daily quests in New World and one such quest tasks you with finding Tadpoles. This guide on Where To Catch Tadpoles In New World will tell you the best bait to use to catch Tadpoles, where you can find them, and how you can catch them quicker and easier.

  • Gather wood and Fiber to make a fishing rof
  • Gather Bullrush weeds to find Firefly bait
  • Go to a very small pond and cast so that the bobber is in “shallow” water

Where To Find Fibers In New World

Where To Catch Tadpoles In New World
Search near rivers, lakes, and ponds you will see a lot of these plants around the waters edge, Bull Rush. These weeds can be gathered without a tool and provide a variety of items, one such item is Firefly Bait. So far, having caught 5 Tadpole’s, every single Tadpole was caught with Firefly Bait. I’ve had no luck with any other bait. So it’s a good idea to try Firefly Bait. These Bull Rush plants are incredibly common and respawn very fast. You’ll need to harvest a lot to get enough bait but just harvest between fishing and you shouldn’t have a problem.

I have caught Tadpole during both the day and night cycle, at roughly equal chances. I tried larger bodies of waters, lakes and such, but had no luck there. All of the Tadpole’s I caught were either in a stream or a small pond, where the water is shallow when you cast your line in.

They are also green items, rarer than common items. As such, this makes them very rare to catch. If you want to catch 7 for the quest, it’s likely to take an hour or more.

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