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Where To Catch Tinkatink In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Tinkatink is another new introduction to Gen 9. This guide on Where To Catch Tinkatink In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you where you can catch these awesome new Pokemon that evolves two times and has quite a charming appearance.

With each new generation of Pokemon games comes a host of new and exciting Pokemon to catch and train. Tinkatink arrives with the Gen 9 release of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet as a Fairy Steel dual type with a Fairy Tera Type. When I caught my Tinkatink at the location shown below, it was level 14 and had Baby-Doll Eyes, Metal Claw, Covet, and Rock Smash, a good selection of move type and variety. It also has the Own Tempo Ability, which prevents it from being confused and makes it immune to the Intimidation Ability.

Where To Catch Tinkatink In Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

You can catch Tinkatink relatively early in the game. Once you have completed the school choose to go West first. You’ll need to continue traveling West until you reach West Province (Area One). Once you reach this location follow the road and you will eventually encounter several large spinning wind turbines. Follow the path further, crossing the bridge. You will then be on the path toward West Province (Area One) North Poke Center. Before you reach the Poke Center take a right turn and follow the winding path through the cliffs.

At the top of the path is a set of old ruins. You can find a number of Pokemon here, one such Pokemon is Tinkatink.

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