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Where To Catch Turtwig In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Request #62 – The Pokemon In The River Photo asks you to catch a very specific Pokemon. This guide on Where To Catch Turtwig In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you where to catch one of the favorite starts of the Pokemon franchise, which will also let you complete a request for the photography man.

The old man that runs the photography hut will often give you Requests that task you with finding a specific Pokemon based on a photograph you’re given. He asks you to find the Pokemon in the river photo with two waterfalls and a volcano. The photo itself shows the Crimson Mirelands map, so you must have at least access to that map before you’re able to complete this Request.

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Where To Catch Turtwig In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Turtwig In Pokemon Legends Arceus
Once you’re on the Crimson Mirelands map, you need to travel to the South East corner of the map. There’s a small pond in the area with some small patches of grass nearby. This is where a Turtwig spawns. However, you have to be careful as I only ever saw a single Turtwig spawn at this location and it’s quite rare, so you may struggle to find another one. It’s never a bad idea to save the game before trying to catch or battle a Pokemon that’s a rare spawn.

Once you’ve caught Turtwig, return to Dagero in town. Turtwig doesn’t need to be in your party, you can deliver him from your Pastures. So just head inside and speak with the old man to complete the quest.

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