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Where To Catch Vulpix And Alolan Vulpix In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Both regular Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix appear in Arceus, so you’ll want to catch them both. This guide on Where To Catch Vulpix And Alolan Vulpix In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you where you can obtain both types of the Pokemon so you can choose which one you want to add to your team.

Both Vulpix, for all intents and purposes, are nearly the same. They have a different physical appearance and thus the evolution form, Ninetales, will also have a different appearance. The only major difference is when they are available. We’ve detailed the regular Vulpix below but if you want the Alolan Vulpix, you will need to wait until towards the end of the game. After you catch the regular Vulpix and make enough progress, Request #83 – Snow-White Vulpix In The Snow will unlock at the village. Completing this Request will get you the Alolan version of Vulpix. If you want the regular one, which you can catch far sooner, read on below.

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Where To Catch Vulpix And Alolan Vulpix In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Vulpix And Alolan Vulpix In Pokemon Legends Arceus
The regular Vulpix from the original, first generation of Pokemon can be found in the Cobalt Coastlands. It’s the third area you unlock so while it’s not right at the start, it doesn’t take too long to get there either. Once you’re there, you can also catch the Hisuian Growlithe here, you’ll want to head to the cliffs East of Windbreak Stands. When I arrived it was sunny and morning time. While they may be available at other times of day and during other weather conditions, if they are not there when you first arrive, keep resting until morning at any camp until the weather and time match up.

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