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Where To Catch Wiglett At Start Of Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Wiglett is another new Generation 9 Pokemon. This guide on Where To Catch Wiglett At Start Of Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet will tell you where to catch one of the brand new Pokemon introduced in the latest games right near the start, so you can focus on leveling and learning more about this exciting new addition.

Wiglett is one of the new Pokemon introduced with the Gen 9 release of the new games. It’s a Water type Pokemon and also has the new Water Tera Type. Catching newer Pokemon introduced for the first time is always an incredibly exciting aspect of Pokemon games, so the fact you can catch Wiglett and Pawmi right near the start of the game is awesome.

Where To Catch Wiglett At Start Of Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet

Catching Wiglett can be a little tricky as it’s a very nervous and alert Pokemon. If you simply run up and attempt to catch it, it will burrow underground and any Pokeballs you through at the mound it leaves behind will simply bounce off. You need to sneak up with the sneak button and then throw the Pokeball before Wiglett retreats into its hole.

You can catch Wiglett very early in your adventure in Pokemon Scarlet & Pokemon Violet. After you leave the Lighthouse your story objective tasks you with going to Los Platos but before you do that head East from the river on the way. Follow the river down to the beach and you will find several Wiglett’s on the water’s edge.

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