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Where To Catch Wormadam In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Request #63 – Fancy, Fashionable Wormadam tasks you with finding this specific Pokemon. This guide on Where To Catch Wormadam In Pokemon Legends Arceus will tell you where you can find this tree dwelling Pokemon so you can complete the Request and have more fashion items added to the game.

There are 90 Requests in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Some of them are as simple as running a few errands or delivering a few items to someone but some of them can actually be quite difficult. One such challenging Request is hunting down and finding Wormadam, a Pokemon that likes to live in trees but all too often, that’s not the Pokemon you get when you start smashing trees.

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Where To Catch Wormadam In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where To Catch Wormadam In Pokemon Legends Arceus
We’re unclear if weather and time of day plays a particular role in the spawning of Wormadam. As you can see from the map above we visit Alabaster Icelands at Night, during a Blizzard, although we have seen it under other conditions. The exact spot show above is where we found a moving tree. By this point in the game you’re likely familiar with this mechanic. Certain trees that hold berries or acorns will shake. When you use the Pokemon to harvest the berries or acorns, a Pokemon jumps out of the tree and attacks you.

The exact trees are likely randomly generated each time you join the map so you may not find the exact same shaking tree in the location we did. We have included his Pokedex entry below, it clearly shows it’s quite common in many areas, but this is the only place we have found it so far.

Alternatively, you can just level up a male Burmy to level 20

Where To Catch Wormadam In Pokemon Legends Arceus

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