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Where To Claim DLC Items In Babylon’s Fall

Want To Find Your Digital Deluxe Edition Rewards?

Babylon’s Fall Digital Deluxe Edition comes with a number of items and rewards. This guide on Where To Claim DLC Items In Babylon’s Fall will tell you where you can find your DLC items which include a variety of armor pieces and the Empress’ Insignia.

The Digital Deluxe Edition rewards include The Empress’ Insignia, Zu Moccasins, Zu Armlet, Zu Loincloth, Zu Bonnet, Gideon Greaves, Gideon Bracers, Gideon Coat, Gideon Calyptra, Acanthus Frontlet, Winged Cape, and Legatus Cape. You are also given 1000 Garaz. This is a Premium Currency used to purchase premium items. The currency is automatically applied to your account and can be found in the Battlepass Menu.

Where To Claim DLC Items In Babylon’s Fall

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If you want to claim the Insignia and all of the different armor pieces, you need to follow the tutorial until you arrive in town. This is the first opportunity you’re given to explore the area. You can speak to different NPC’s, check out the shops, grab quests, etc. At this point, you are able to claim your DLC items.

Running around town, look for the icon of a chest (an odd chest but still a chest) with light beams reaching out from the top. It’s up the stairs, just outside of the tavern area. This is your inbox. Simply open the chest to claim all of your Digital Deluxe Edition rewards.

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