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Where To Deliver Irina’s Letter In Elden Ring

During your travels in Elden Ring, you will come across a young woman named Irina. Check out this guide to find out where toe deliver Irina’s Letter in Elden Ring. This way you don’t go the wrong way and miss the quest.

Where To Deliver Irina’s Letter In Elden Ring

After you accept the letter, you will have to go up to the castle and clear it out. Head up the road to get started. We are looking for this spot on the map.

Where To Deliver Irina's Letter In Elden Ring 2

When you get into the castle you will need to go up from the courtyard. Go up the path with all the beastmen and either kill or run past them. This will lead to the inside of the castle and some stairs going down. Take them and then follow that to a ladder outside. You need to be quick or else the beastmen will take out out on the ladder.

At the top of that ladder is another fight, jump in or take the next ladder up. At the top of the next part keep going until you see a ladder on the right hat leads down. Take that or drop off and the fight below. I think you should kill these guys because the NPC is after this part. Kill them and go up the stairs to find the commander just find sitting around. Talk to him and hand him the letter to get the next part of the quest.

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