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Where To Farm Best Fuse Materials For Weapons In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

The Ancient Blade offers a huge +50 when fused to a weapon. In this guide on Where To Farm Best Fuse Materials For Weapons In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll tell you the best method for farming strong weapon fuse materials so you can consistently make weapons that are 80, 90, or even 100+ power.

For this particular item, the Ancient Blade, you’re going to need to progress far into the story. It’s at the Spirit Temple, which is the 5th temple you visit after you complete all of the other temples and find the fifth sage. Once you have access to the Spirit Temple there are two constructs there that will trade with you for Zonaite ore. Once of them will trade you Ancient Blades which are items that offer +50 fuse power.

Where To Farm Best Fuse Materials For Weapons In Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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The single best weapon in the game to combine those with is the Master Sword, but even using weaker weapons like a Soldier’s Claymore, you can get a weapon of +72. Another option is the Gerudo weapon, Scimitar of the Seven. You can obtain this weapon by completing the Gerudo quest chain and then completing the quest Pride of the Gerudo.

There is a downside to this fusion item, it’s a one-time use. Once you hit an enemy with it, the enemy disappears and the fuse breaks.

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