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Where To Farm Silver And Copper In Starfield

One of the more common mineral combinations you need is silver and copper. Check out this guide to find out Where To Farm Silver And Copper In Starfield. This way you can start building more stuff at your outpost.

Where To Farm Silver And Copper In Starfield


You can find bother Silver and Copper on various planets. They are low enough levels that you can find them in most starting systems, but that take a long time to get going.

Instead we are going to buy some and reset the shop and buy more. You will need to head to the Sol system and head to Titan. On Titan you will see a settlement that you can land at. Drop down into the settlement and you will find a shop inside.

The guy at the shop sells a bit of copper and silver, and the best part is that you can rest to restore his stock. Buy your goods and head out of the store. Head right and go down to the storage area and you will find a bed. Sleep on the bed for eight hours and then return to the shop. Repeat as needed.

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