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Where To Farm Unsullied Hearts In V Rising

Early in the game you need Unsullied Hearts to make Greater Blood Essence to progress with the missions. This guide on Where To Farm Unsullied Hearts In V Rising gives you a quick and easy route you can follow to farm a specific animal so that you can get as many Unsullied Hearts as you need in order to progress further into the story and unlock more recipes and blueprints.

It’s worth noting that Unsullied Heart drop rates are already quite an issue with the community. A lot of players are complaining so it’s very likely the developers are going to respond at some point. However, if you don’t want to wait for that, there is a simple route you can follow that will let you farm Unsullied Hearts, at least enough so that you’re able to complete the objective and carry on with the story as later, you can get Greater Blood Essence much easier once you unlock another recipe.

Where To Farm Unsullied Hearts In V Rising

Where To Farm Unsullied Hearts In V Rising
There are two wolf dens in this area, at both ends of the black path. This is where the Alpha Wolf spawns. The spawn rate is very quick, just a minute or two. So you want to take your wolf form or a horse, and then travel between the two wolves dens on the routes shown above.

If you are too slow sometimes the wolf will leave the wolf den, so check the immediate area. If you see evidence of fights or similar, the Alpha Wolf may have left the area because you were too slow going between the two locations. Using this method I was able to farm 5 Unsullied Hearts in about 30 minutes, so it’s not very fast, but it’s fast enough to get what you need to move on with the quests.

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