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Where To Find 10 Great Sights Of Paldea In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The huge region of Paldea is home to 10 marvelous sights. This guide on Where To Find 10 Great Sights Of Paldea In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will list the locations of all of the Great Sights we’ve discovered so far as they double up as both a feast for the eyes and as an additional fast travel point on the map.

Where To Find 10 Great Sights Of Paldea In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Casseroya Fields
A rather rickety bridge overshadowed by one of the games biggest waterfalls, watch your step

Glaseados Grasp
A strange rock formation in the snowy mountain looks as if some giant Pokemon is stretching its arm from the snow below

Paldeas Highest Peak
The highest peak in all of Paldea offers a fantastic view

Fury Falls
Two massive waterfalls fall into a small lake below.

Grand Olive Orchard
A sprawling view of the town below alongside rows and rows of orchards

The Secluded Beach
A tiny beach tucked away in a distant corner of the world

The Leaking Tower Of Paldea
There is a ruined tower in a small pond here. You can’t climb it like regular Watchtowers, but you are able to glide to the top. It’s overlooked by a huge waterfall

The Gracia Stones
On the Northern edge of the map, in the North West not far from the Groundblight Shrine. There’s a group of rocks here in the ocean. Huge thanks to Celeb for the find!

The Million Vault Skyline
Just West of Levincia there’s a large cliff overlooking the entire city. You can find this Great Sight at that location. Huge thanks to Celeb for the find again!

Colonade Hollow
On the route through to the huge cave, you can find the sign post next to the road. Thanks to John for the extra help!

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