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Where To Find Aether Hides In Dauntless

Where To Find Aether Hides In Dauntless
As you progress through Dauntless and want to upgrade your weapons and armor, you’ll need various rare materials such as Aether Hides. This guide will tell you Where To Find Aether Hides In Dauntless so you can upgrade the beginner armor sets, pimp out your favorite weapon and take on the games most challenging Behemoths.

Aether Hides are a common resource and only really used when upgrading the lower tier items in Dauntless. The main source of Aether Hides are the deer/goats that you see flaunting around the game world. They can be found on any of the starter maps, although they are not on later maps such as the Desert area. So pick a basic hunt against a Rogue Gnasher or something just as weak. I did find the Goats on the ice map to have a higher drop rate.

Explore the map until you find one of the Goats running around. Attack them once with your weapon and you should see a shiny object fly off. If one doesn’t, someone has already attacked the goat as they only drop an item once. There’s greater chance that you will get a Broken Horn instead but keep trying and you should be able to get an Aether Hide after 3-4 goats.

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