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Where To Find All 16 House Cabinets In Hogwarts Legacy

There are 16 locked cabinets that require Daedalian Keys to open. In this guide, we tell you Where To Find All 16 House Cabinets In Hogwarts Legacy so you can find all of the House Tokens, place them in your House Chest, and get your reward.

You can find these locked cabinets all over Hogwarts Castle. They are initially purely decoration, you cannot interact with them at first. Once you complete a certain story quest that introduces you to the locked House Cabinets, you can then start solving the puzzles to open each of the cabinets.

Where To Find All 16 House Cabinets In Hogwarts Legacy

The guide above has the location of all 16 House Cabinets. When you find a cabinet you need to locate the nearby Daedalian Keys. These are magical floating keys that are usually quite close to the cabinets. Once you find a floating key and approach it, it will begin flying around. It will then fly directly toward the House Cabinet in which it belongs.

You then need to inspect the House Cabinet and watch as the key flies around. When it gets close to the key hole a small line appears. That’s when you hit the key to open the door. There are 16 House Tokens to find, whatever house you started in. When you put them all into the House Chest in your House Dorm, you will get a legendary version of the clothing associated with your particular house.

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