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Where To Find All HM (Hidden Moves) In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

Hidden Moves let you do things like smash rocks, cut trees, and push boulders. This Where To Find All HM (Hidden Moves) In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl guide will tell you all of the different HM’s that are available in the newly released Pokemon games and where you can find them.

The original Pokemon games all featured HM’s heavily as a mechanic to balance and reward players for progress. Certain areas of the game are inaccessible until you have unlocked a certain Hidden Move. These HM’s are also often locked behind Gym Badge progress, requiring the trainer to have a certain badge in order for their Pokemon to learn the HM.

Nobody enjoyed wasting a valuable move slot on a Pokemon to learn a HM, and that mechanic has changed in more recent Pokemon games. It works much in the same with this game.

Where To Find All HM (Hidden Machines) In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl

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Where To Learn Cut
Cut is acquired in Eterna city by talking to a NPC up by the team Galatic building. She will give you the TM but you need to beat the gym leader in the city before you can actually use it outside of combat.

Where To Learn Rock Smash
You will need to get the TM Rock Smash. You get this from a hiker in the cave at the end of Route 203, east of Jubilife City. You need to get your first gym badge before you can use the move outside of combat.

Where To Learn Fly
In order to get the TM for fly, you will need to get to Veilstone City. You have to beat the gym leader there and then go up to the Team Galactic warehouse. Inside you can get the Fly TM.

Where To Learn Strength
You need to get to the top of the Lost Tower on route 209 to get the strength move. You cannot use this until you beat the sixth gym leader.

Where To Learn Defog
Defog is one of those that really only appears in a couple of Pokemon games. You need to make it to Pastoria town and then go up to the marsh safari zone. In the first area there is a guy with green hair. Chat with him for the move. You will have to beat the Psstoria Gym leader in order to use it.

Where To Learn Surf
Surf is open later in the game. You need to get past the Psyduck’s blocking the road (story related) and then go where Cynthia tells you. Head up to Celestic Town and there will be a team Galactic Grunt in front of the cave in that town. Beat him down and then enter the ruins there. Talk with the older woman and she will give you Surf. You need to have the Fifth (I think anyways) badge to use it.

Where To Learn Rock Climb
We have a separate guide on this because you can miss Rock Climb. Check out that guide here.

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