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Where To Find All Materials In Windbound

Where To Find All Materials In Windbound
Windbounds procedural generation makes finding resources a challenge. In this guide on Where To Find All Materials In Windbound we provide some basic tips on when and where you can find specific materials as a lot of items are unavailable in the earlier chapters.

Each Chapter in Windbound is created randomly. Therefore it’s impossible to give an exact location on a map for where to find each material. However, we can give you an image of each material so you know what to look out for. It’s also worth nothing that some items are either rare or completely unavailable in certain chapters. For example, the Gloomharrow Jaw required to make an axe is a very important item to make. However, after dozens of runs, we never once found this creature before Chapter 3.

Below is a list of all ingredients we have found and the earliest Chapter they were discovered. However, if an item is available in one Chapter, it is nearly always available in all future chapters, so it’s not exclusive to that single chapter. We have avoided including some of the very basic materials as they are easily found and we’re still working on adding more resources.

Where To Find All Materials In Windbound – Chapter One

Where To Find Leather
Where To Find Palm Frond
Where To Find Leviathan Heart Gems
Where To Find Gorehorn Crest
Where To Find Wood
Where To Find Bleenk Thrond
Where To Find Sticks
Where To Find Skin, Bone & Meat

Where To Find All Materials In Windbound – Chapter Two

Where To Find Clay
Where To Find Plainstalker Horn
Where To Find Bamboo

Where To Find All Materials In Windbound – Chapter Three

Where To Find Bloodbristle (Flower)
Where To Find Sealily (Flower)
Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw & Skin
Where To Find Crude Metal
Where To Find Silk Threads

Where To Find All Materials In Windbound – Chapter Four

Where To Find Shell Fragments & Poison Glands
Where To Find Storms Eye Gem

If there are any materials you’re struggling to find, post a comment below.

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