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Where To Find All Of Links Powers In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

Link has 6 abilities and 2 of them are hidden and can be missed. In this guide on Where To Find All Of Links Powers In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom we’ll tell you where you can find each of his abilities as one of them is absolutely awesome, and you may just miss it.

Where To Find All Of Links Powers In Legend Of Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

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This power is unlocked during the tutorial section at the start of the game. It’s on the first sky island you visit, the ability to create at one of the shrines, specifically the Ukouh Shrine. You cannot miss it. The Ultrahand power gives Link the ability to grab, move, rotate, and stick certain objects together to help him complete puzzles.

This power is also unlocked on the tutorial sky island, you can find this power after you enter the In-Isa Shrine, the ability to Combine. It’s located in the South West corner of the area, over a small body of water. This ability allows you to attach something to an equipped weapon or shield to enhance it.

This power, another unlocked on the tutorial island, can be obtained by visiting the Gutanbac shrine, the ability to Rise, in the snowy region of the area. This ability allows you to move through solid material and emerge on top of it.

This power is unlocked after you complete all three shrines on the tutorial island and then enter the Temple of Time. The Recall ability allows you to reverse an objects movement until it goes back to where it originally was.

This is arguably the best and most important power Link can have. It allows you to auto build previous creations, saving you tons of time and resources. This one is quite a complicated one to unlock, so check out our guide on how to unlock Autobuild.

Once you arrive at Lookout Landing you will meet Robbie. Robbie will give you a side quest called Camera Work In The Depths. Completing that quest will unlock the Camera ability which allows you to take pictures. If Robbie does not have the quest right away, follow the story for a while and then check back.

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