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Where To Find All Queen’s Blood Players In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Queen’s Blood is an exciting new mini-game introduced in FF7 Rebirth. This guide on Where To Find All Queen’s Blood Players In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth gives you the location of every Queen’s Blood player we encountered on our adventures, split into chapters so you can hunt down every potential target as early as possible.

Chapter 2 Queen’s Blood Player Locations

A map showing where to find Queen's Bloody Players Nene and Ned
When you first start Chapter 2 in Kalm, when you have the ability to explore freely during the day, you can find both Nene and Ned as your first opponents for Queen’s Blood.

Vash & Virgil & Thorin

After Kalm is cleared during Chapter 2, when Shinra leaves and you can return, you can find Vash in the bar. He is the bartender. He has a side quest to win a card back but he wants to play you first, to test your ability. After you defeat Vash, you get the Quest: A Rare Card Lost. Challenge and defeat Virgil. You then track down Virgil’s card shop and defeat him there.


After Kalm is peaceful again, once Shinra’s troops have withdrawn during Chapter 2, return to Kalm and you can challenge Zahira in the North East corner of town.

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Chapter 4 Queen’s Blood Player Locations

The Moore Twins

You can find the two Moore Twins in Under Junon. Shortly after you enter the town and meet the sheriff, take the stairs that lead up to the right.


You can find Isabelle at the Tavern in Under Junon.


Zogan can be found in Under Junon. He is down the stairs near the Inn, near the waterside.

Neil, Michaela, & Cameron

You can find these three in the Crow’s Nest camp in the Junon Region. To gain access you need to reach a certain part of the story and then complete a side quest on the Under Junon Job Board to escort Salmon to the Crow’s Nest. For one of the challengers, Cameron, you need to reach Blood Squire (Rank 3) in Queen’s Blood.

Chapter 7 Queen’s Blood Player Locations


You can find Biff in North Corel, at the tavern near the piano.

Chapter 8 Queen’s Blood Player Locations

Dax, Pietro, & Mary

All three of these players can be found in The Dustbowl. Pick up the quest from the Queen’s Blood Card Merchant to clear them out.


Once you reach the Queen’s Blood rank of Blood Knight, Chadley will inform you that he has located a new challenger. You will find Navalan in North Corel.

Chapter 9 Queen’s Blood Player Locations


You can find Rolf, the dog, outside of the Inn in North Corel. He may have been available before Chapter 9.

Oscar & Zhijun

You can find Oscar & Zhijun in Gongaga Village.

Chapter 10 Queen’s Blood Player Locations


Ka’dina can be found in Cosmo Canyon on the Hall of Erudition level.


You can find Bernard in Cosmo Canyon once you reach the rank of Blood Captain


You can find Robin in Cosmo Canyon. He can be found in The Syldra Inn. The entrance is next to the job board

Wize 3.0 Ver 2.0

Once you reach the rank of Blood Captain, Chadley tells you of a new opponent in the Dustbowl. That’s where you can find Wize 3.0 Ver 2.0

Chapter 11 Queen’s Blood Player Locations


You can find Turner in Nibelheim in Chapter 11.


Inside the Treatment Center (Tifa’s House) in Nibelheim


Regina can be found in Gongaga.


Lidrehl can be found at the Ghost Square Ghost Hotel in Gold Saucer, after you have defeated all other opponents and reached Blood Marquis rank.

Chapter 12 Queen’s Blood Player Locations

Riana, Maahir & Dokaccha
All of these players are unlocked in Costa Del Sol at the beginning of Chapter 12.

Monster Of Chaos

Once you reach Queen’s Blood Rank 10, you can challenge X in Shinra Manor in Nibelheim.

Shadowblood Queen

You can find the Shadowblood Queen in the Gongaga Region after you have defeated the Monster of Chaos.

If you have any questions on the Queen’s Blood, post a comment below or hit me up on Twitter (X).

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Queens Blood FAQ

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