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Where To Find All Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

The Sujimon League is a Pokemon-like minigame with 134 Sujimon to collect and train. This guide on Where To Find All Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth lists all of the different Sujimon we’ve encountered in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, including information on how to recruit them and their type.

For more useful tips & tricks, such as making the best teams or finding the best Sujimon, check out our Sujimon League Guide. If you want to destroy the Sujimon League, check out our guide on where to find all Sujimon or jump into the highlights with our top 10 best Sujimon article.

Sujimon Gallery

Where To Find All Sujimon In Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth

The table below lists the guaranteed location of each Sujimon, the exact method we used to catch or find them ourselves. However, nearly all of them can be found in many different places. Raids, Gacha, boss encounters etc.

#Sujimon NameSujimon TypeHow To Unlock
1SodachiBlazeUnlocked automatically
2YokawaLightUnlocked automatically
3KurakiShadowUnlocked automatically
4Dance DictatorLightBasic Gacha
5Slammed DancerLightBasic Gacha. Evolve Dance Director
6Dancing MadmanLightBasic Gacha. Evolve Slammed Dancer
7Blackmailer DaemonShadowOminous Sujimon Box
8Cruel CutpurseShadowBasic Gacha. Evolve Blackmailer Daemon
9Dungeon TrollShadowBasic Gacha. Evolve Cruel Cutpurse
10Bogus BarneyFrostBasic Gacha
11Wipeout WarriorFrostWater Gacha Queen's Resort. Evolve Bogus Barney
12Jaws Of DeathFrostBasic Gacha. Evolve Wipeout Warrior
13GangpunkFrostWater Gacha Queen's Resort
14GangbossFrostWater Gacha Queen's Resort. Evolve Gangpunk
15GanglordFrostEvolve Gangboss
16Wheeler DealerShadowBasic Gacha
17Demon-StraterBlazeBlaze Gacha Ace's Gym
18Gainz ChaserLightBasic Gacha
19Dope DoeLightEvolve Gainz Chaser
20SwolympiadLightBasic Gacha. Evolve Dope Doe.
21Rebel YellerFrostBasic Gacha
22DissentryFrostBasic Gacha. Evolve Rebel Yeller
23Unquiet RioterFrostEvolve Dissentry
24Death SentencerFrostBasic Gacha
25Self-Proclaimed WitchLightBasic Gacha
26Pretty CurLightBasic Gacha. Evolve Self-Proclaimed Witch
27Sparkle JuggernautLightBasic Gacha. Evolve Pretty Cur.
28Rogue RikishiBlazeBasic Gacha
29Hateful HakkeyoiBlazeEvolve Rogue Rikishi
30Dosukoi GigantesBlazeEvolve Hateful Hakkeyoi
31NamelessShadowBasic Gacha
32Shadow DiverFrostBoss Battle
33Party FoulerLightBasic Gacha
34HotstepperLightBasic Gacha. Evolve Party Fouler
35Tropical StarLightBasic Gacha. Evolve Hotstepper
36Oiled BaronBlazeBasic Gacha
37Coco NutjobNatureBasic Gacha
38Sand BaggerNatureRaid
39Beach BallerFrostFrosty Sujimon Box
40Basket CaseFrostBasic Gacha. Evolve Beach Baller
41Stress TesterFrostWater Gacha Queen's Resort
42Misdemeanor WienerBlazeBasic Gacha
43Bad CopBlazeEvolve Misdemeanor Wiener
44Extermination-kunBlazeBoss Battle. Evolve Bad Cop.
45Jabber JobberBlazeBlazing Sujimon Box
46Penalty BoxerBlazeBlaze Type Gacha (Ace's Gym). Evolve Jabber Jobber
47Pandora's BoxerBlazeBasic Gacha. Evolve Penalty Boxer
48Crazy HeelBlazeBasic Gacha
49Monster HeelBlazeBlaze Gacha Ace's Gym
50Championship WreckerBlazeEvolve Monster Heel
51Wild HogBlazeBasic Gacha
52Feast 'n FlyerBlazeBasic Gacha. Evolve Wild Hog
53Gorgin' GourmandBlazeBlaze Type Gacha (Ace's Gym). Evolve Feast 'n Flyer
54Angel Of MegadeathFrostBasic Gacha
55Blah HumbugShadowBasic Gacha
56Bronze AgentShadowOminous Sujimon Box
57Silver SentinelDarkBasic Gacha
58Golden StatesmenShadowRaid
59Stray HangdogFrostBasic Gacha
60Lone WolfFrostEvolve Stray Hangdog
61SycanthropeFrostBasic Gacha. Evolve Lone Wolf
62SquirmwormNatureBasic Gacha
63ThermwormNatureRaid. Evolve Squirmworm
64SturmwormNatureEvolve Thermworm
65Top DogShadowBoss Battle
66ShivverShadowBasic Gacha
67Knife TwisterShadowBasic Gacha. Evolve Shivver
68Blood ShadowShadowBasic Gacha. Evolve Knife Twister.
69Barin' Von LewdLightBasic Gacha
70Bummer StrummerNatureBasic Gacha
71FreakaleleNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
72StrummageddonNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
73King Of BlingLightGacha
74Gardener GnomeNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
75GroundsreaperNatureEvolve Gardener Gnome
76ExecutionerBasic Gacha
77Extreme SportsmanNatureNatural Sujimon Box
78Poach RoachNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
79Big Endgame HunterNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
80Powered ToolBasic Gacha
81Lumber JackassNatureNature Gacha (Stadium). Evolve Powered Tool
82PleatherfaceNatureEncounter. Nature Gatcha (Stadium)
83Judgment SprayBlazeBlaze Type Gacha (Ace's Gym).
84Still LookingTBDTBD
85Nicotine LichShadowBasic Gacha
86Monster MonasticNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
87PyromaniacLightBasic Gacha
88Abstracted DefianceNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
89Boomstick BanneretShadowBasic Gacha
90Grass SnakeNatureBasic Gacha
91ToxicreepNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
92Hemlock DocNatureNature Gacha (Stadium)
93BonecleaverShadowBoss Battle
94MobgoblinShadowBasic Gacha
95Dr. CrimsonFrostBoss Battle
96ClawpprenticeLightBasic Gacha
97ClawfficerLightBasic Gacha. Evolve Clawpprentice
98ClawmmanderLightEvolve Clawfficer
99Dojo DumbassBlazeDojo Dumbass
100Dojo DisgraceBlazeEvolve Dojo Dumbass
101Dojo MasterBlazeBlaze Type Gacha (Ace's Gym). Evolve Dojo Disgrace.
102Weeping ArchdemonShadowRaid
103Death's-HeadLightBasic Gacha
104Mad MechanicShadowBasic Gacha
105Jetstream SamuraiFrostBasic Gacha
106Tank CommanderShadowBoss Battle
107Captain CruncherFrostBasic Gacha
108King JoeLightBasic Gacha
109Sewer RatShadowBasic Gacha
110Batterer Out Of HellBlastJapan Gacha
111ArminatorBlazeJapan Gacha
112Scarred YakuzaFrostJapan Gacha
113Forsaken SamuraiFrostJapan Gacha
114BonsaientistNatureJapan Gacha
115Munanugget MessiahNatureJapan Gacha
116Gifted GathererLightJapan Gacha
117Heavenly HostLightJapan Gacha
118High NecromancerShadowJapan Gacha
119Invested VagabondShadowJapan Gacha
120Suji RiderBlazeJapan Gacha
121Suji MachineBlazeJapan Gacha
122Suji SumoFrostJapan Gacha
123Suji SurferFrostJapan Gacha
124Suji FruitNatureJapan Gacha
125Suji BearNatureJapan Gacha
126Suji Black BeltLightJapan Gacha
127Suji PartierLightJapan Gacha
128Suji CosplayerShadowJapan Gacha
129Suji DelinquentShadowJapan Gacha
130Kiwami RedBlazeKiwami Gacha
131Kiwami BlueFrostKiwami Gacha
132Kiwami GreenNatureJapan Gacha
133Kiwami GoldLightJapan Gacha. Kiwami Gatcha
134Kiwami VioletShadowJapan Gacha. Kiwami Gatcha
135Not naming due to spoilers.ShadowComplete the game
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