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Where To Find All The Magical Beasts (Pets) In Hogwarts Legacy

Magical Beasts are unique pets you can find and rescue in Hogwarts Legacy. In this guide on Where To Find All The Magical Beasts (Pets) In Hogwarts Legacy we’ll give you the location of every different type of Magical Beast you can find so you can use your Nab-Sack to fill out your vivarium and get rare and valuable materials from your pets.

Where To Find All The Magical Beasts (Pets) In Hogwarts Legacy

Where To Find Jobberknoll
Where To Find Mooncalf
Where To Find Giant Purple Toad
Where To Find Fwooper
Where To Find Niffler
Where To Find Sepulchria, Caligo, & Highwing
Where To Find Thestral
Where To Find Biscuit
Where To Find Unicorn
Where To Find Diricawl
Where To Find Kneazle
Where To Find Hippogriff
Where To Find Phoenix
Where To Find Graphorn

And that’s where to find all 13 Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy.

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