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Where To Find Antimatter In No Man’s Sky

Where To Find Antimatter In No Man's Sky
Shortly after you begin your journey in No Man’s Sky you’ll be looking to explore the stars. In order to use Hyperdrive travel in No Man’s Sky you need to find Antimatter so you can create Warp Cell’s to fuel your Hyperdrive. This Where To Find Antimatter In No Man’s Sky guide will tell you what you need to do in order to find yourself some Antimatter.

Where To Find Antimatter In No Man’s Sky

Before you’re able to search for Antimatter you need to complete the basic tutorial. This involves finding the materials to prepare you’re ship so that you can leave the planet and proceed with the games story. Once you’ve got everything you need and your ship is ready to go, follow these steps below to find the Antimatter recipe.

  • Leave your starting planet and head into space
  • Open Galactic Map and move the right stick in the direction shown by a glowing line to go to the next system.
  • When you arrive in the next system use the scanning tool on your ship to locate the next objective.
  • Once you locate the beacon travel to it and explore the objective location to find the recipe for the Warp Cell.
  • From there the objective will tell you to head to a nearby space station. Follow the objective and you’ll buy some items from the Galactic Market
  • Once you’ve put the Warp Cell into your Hyperdrive you’ll need to open your Galactic Map again and travel to the next system.
  • When you arrive in the next system use your scan again and you should locate a factory. Inside the factory lies the Antimatter recipe.
  • Check out our other guide for the best way to get loads of Zinc and Heridium to make loads of Antimatter and Warp Cells.

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