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Where To Find Arcane Keys In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Scattered throughout the Abbey are Arcane Chests. This guide on Where To Find Arcane Keys In Marvel’s Midnight Suns will tell you the location of each Arcane Key we have discovered so far as you need to find an Arcane Key to unlock each of the Arcane Chests that you find whilst exploring the Abbey.

Arcane Keys are rare and powerful items that can be used to open Arcane Chests. There are Arcane Chests all over the Abbey, of different rarities. As such, you probably want to focus on opening the Arcane Chests with the more rare rewards inside.

Where To Find Arcane Keys In Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Arcane Key Location #1

You need to follow the main story until you unlock the Words of Power Open ability to open the stone doors around the Abbey. Once you have it, head to this location. There’s a ladder leading down to a cave. Open the door to find the key inside.

Arcane Key Location #2-5
During Night 3, when you have a mission to meet Agatha at her altar after you unlock the library. She will give you a collection of Arcane Keys.

Daily Training
You can unlock more Arcane Keys whenever you complete Daily Sparring

Barghest Key
One of Blade’s missions will tell you about a scent he has found. This will get you another key

In the Power Word Reveal Blood Shrine there is an Arcane Key after you use Reveal on the bridge.

Once you have Power Word Reveal there are tons of keys scattered around using the eye icon to reveal them. Gathering keys up becomes pretty trivial after that point.

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