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Where To Find Blue Sand In Outward

Where To Find Blue Sand In Outward
A very early side quest in Outward promises some great rewards if you can find the rare Blue Sand. This guide will explain Where To Find Blue Sand In Outward so you’re able to get yourself decked out in some decent armor before you start your grand adventure.

Blue Sand is a rare and valuable resource at the start of your adventure, but there are two main methods you can use to get the 10 you require pretty quickly. The first method, albeit very slow and random, is to go fishing. Whenever you fish at fishing locations, including those in the city of Cierzo, there’s a very small chance you may receive a Blue Sand alongside, or instead of, a fish. While possible, obtaining 10 Blue Sand this way can be a slow and cumbersome process.

Where To Find Blue Sand In Outward

The other, better and quicker method, is to visit Star Fish Cave. This is a special cave a few minutes outside of town that features a number of resource spawn points that you can use to get Blue Sand. To reach Star Fish Cave you must exit town via the Cierzo Storage room, the entrance is just below the entrance to your house – at the end of the dock. Travel through the cave to the other side and you will exit onto a beach.

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Ahead of you, on the left, you will notice a collection of large shells and other items halfway up the beach. Head to that location and you will see a small entrance to a cave, this is Star Fish Cave. You can only visit the cave around 1am, or very early morning hours, otherwise the tide is in and the cave is flooded.

If the cave is flooded, leave and rest a few hours until the early morning, then enter and check again.

For more detailed directions on how to get to the Star Fish Cave, check out this guide.

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