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Where To Find Broken Bicuspid In Dauntless

Where To Find Broken Bicuspid In Dauntless
The Broken Bicuspid is one of the many materials you will need to upgrade the higher tier weapons and armor in Dauntless. This guide will tell you Where To Find Broken Bicuspid In Dauntless so you can upgrade your weapons to the maximum level and rip through even the toughest Behemoths.

The Broken Bicuspid is a tooth, and it’s a hard one to obtain. There are various reports claiming multiple Behemoth’s drop the Broken Bicuspid but there’s only one I’ve found that drops it personally. You need to kill the Quillshot, the large Behemoth with the spikes on its back that it shoots out on a regular basis. It’s a tough fight the first few times so bring competent allies and some good tier healing materials.

This is another rare item that has a very low drop rate. It’s around the 5-10% mark, having killed the Quillshot 11 times and only receiving the Broken Bicuspid once. This is the only Behemoth I can guarantee drops it as it’s the only one I have personally received the drop from. However, there are reports on the Dauntless forums that other creatures also drop the Bicuspid, but the chance is equally low.

I will update with additional Behemoths that drop the Broken Bicuspid In Dauntless as soon as I encounter them.

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