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Where To Find Chamomile In Dying Light 2

Right at the start of the game you need to find some honey and chamomile flowers. In this guide on Where To Find Chamomile In Dying Light 2 we’ll tell you where you can find the ingredients as while they are very close to where you start, they are easy to miss if you go running off in a random direction.

One of the main problems with finding ingredients in Dying Light 2 is the rather bizarre implementation of the Survivor Sense. Using this sense highlights important objects and ingredients in your immediate environment. Unfortunately, the Survivor Sense is a hold action, so you can’t toggle it. That makes running around using it to be quite difficult unless you’re just diving in a straight line every time.

Where To Find Chamomile In Dying Light 2

Where To Find Chamomile In Dying Light 2
When you first get this objective you are standing next to Spike, staring directly ahead at the bee hive. Before going ahead to the beehive simply turn to your left and use your Survivor Sense. You will see several groups of plants ahead of you. There’s a single plant below the rockface and then two more on top of the rock face. Simply approach the plants and interact with them to gather the Chamomile you need. Once you’ve got that, the other objective is simple.

Approach the beehive and interact with it with the interact button. This will gather the honey that you need. And that’s Where To Find Chamomile In Dying Light 2.

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