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Where To Find Charms In Raid: Shadow Legends

Where To Find Charms In Raid: Shadow Legends
A brand new update just released for Raid: Shadow Legends. This guide on Where To Find Charms In Raid: Shadow Legends focuses on special charms that can be used in the Forge to create powerful gear with a higher chance of being 5 or 6 star and Legendary.

The brand new update just released today and brings with it two huge new features. Advanced Daily Quests are new daily missions you can complete with progressive rewards. The other feature, the Forge (Check out our Raid: Shadow Legends Forge Guide), allows you to use materials gained from many areas of the game to craft new and powerful gear sets. Below is a list of all the different charms and the current known methods of obtaining them, followed by a table providing additional information.

  • Rank Charm – Events
  • Rarity Charm – Events
  • Weapon Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Helmet Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Shield Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Gauntlets Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Chestplate Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Boots Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • HP Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Attack Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Defense Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Speed Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Crit Rate Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Crit Damage Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Resistance Charm – Advanced Daily Quests
  • Accuracy Charm – Advanced Daily Quests

Where To Find Charms In Raid: Shadow Legends

Advanced Daily Quests can be accessed from the Quest button at the Bastion. A new Advanced tab shows the different missions available, and this is currently the only method of obtaining Charms. We’re sure events, tournaments and other activities will reward charms soon but as for now, it’s limited to Advanced Daily Missions. We’ll keep this list updated as new methods become available.

Charm TypeCharm UseCharm Location
Rank Charm2x chance of Highest RankEvents
Rarity Charm2x chance of higher RaritiesEvents
Weapon Charm2x chance of getting a weaponAdvanced Daily Quests
Helmet Charm2x chance of getting a helmetAdvanced Daily Quests
Shield Charm2x chance of getting a shieldAdvanced Daily Quests
Gauntlets Charm2x chance of getting gauntletsAdvanced Daily Quests
Chestplate Charm2x chance of getting a chestplateAdvanced Daily Quests
Boots Charm2x chance of getting bootsAdvanced Daily Quests
HP Charm50% chance of HP% Sub StatAdvanced Daily Quests
Attack Charm50% chance of ATK% Sub StatAdvanced Daily Quests
Defense Charm50% chance of DEF% Sub StatAdvanced Daily Quests
Speed Charm50% chance of Speed Sub StatAdvanced Daily Quests
Crit Rate Charm50% chance of Crit Rate% Sub StatAdvanced Daily Quests
Crit Damage Charm50% chance of Crit Damage % Sub StatAdvanced Daily Quests
Resistance Charm50% chance of Resistance Sub StatAdvanced Daily Quests
Accuracy Charm50% chance of Accuracy SubstatAdvanced Daily Quests

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