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Where To Find Copper Ore In RE: Legend

Where To Find Copper Ore In RE Legend
Copper is a valuable resource in RE: Legend and it’s used for quests. This guide tells you Where To Find Copper Ore In RE: Legend so you can find yourself some Copper Ore at the very start of the game and beginning completing quests and making better equipment.

Copper Ore is a useful ingredient used in crafting and upgrading many weapons and items. It is also used for many quests, such as The King of Boredom. In order to find the Copper Ore you must first have completed the main story and unlocked the ability to leave town.

Where To Find Copper Ore In RE: Legend

When you leave the town for the first time, you reach the Coastal area. The entrance to this area “Town Entrance”, is where you start on this map. Simply head North to Trocker Cove. There is a small cavern here with some basic creatures inside.

Follow that dungeon through to the very end. In the last area there is a small mining node. This is where you find your first Copper Ore location. You get 3 pieces of Copper Ore each time you destroy it. It regrows overnight so you can come here once a day to find some Copper Ore. You can increase your Mining stat to get a lot more ore each time.

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