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Where To Find Cor Lapis In Genshin Impact

Where To Find Cor Lapis In Genshin Impact
Cor Lapis is one of the Ascension Materials for Keqing in Genshin Impact. Check out this guide to find out where to find Cor Lapis In Genshin Impact. This way you can get her from level 20, all the way to level 40.

Where To Find Cor Lapis In Genshin Impact

In order to Ascend Keqing, you will need three Cor Lapis and a few other materials. Thankfully there is a spot that you can easily collect three Cor Lapis within a few minutes. First, you will want to head to Mingyun Village which is in the Qionhji Estuary area of the map. Head over there and then you are looking for a couple of mines. There is also a quest in the area that will lead you to the mines if you would prefer to do that. We have a link here for that quest.

When you are in the area, you are going to two separate spots on the map.

Cor Lapis Location Genshin Impact 2

Cor Lapis Location Genshin Impact

Both of these spots are tiny mines that have ore in them. You are looking for the orange tipped ore, which is the Cor Lapis you need. You can break with with a spear or long sword, but an explosion or great sword will break it much quicker. By going to both areas you will collect the three you need to Ascend Keqing to her next stage.

You will still need the other materials, but this one is one of the harder pieces of ore to find in the game. I am currently looking for the the Whooperflower Nectar to complete this Acension for my character.

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