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Where To Find Crystal Chunks In Genshin Impact

Where To Find Crystal Chunks In Genshin Impact
Crystal Chunks are a valuable material used in many aspects of the game. This guide on Where To Find Crystal Chunks In Genshin Impact tells you the location of a large cave that has plenty of Crystal Chunk nodes, so you can mark the location and return to farm it every time the resources respawn.

Crystal Chunks are much like Iron ore, they appear in nodes that you can smash in order to claim the minerals that are inside. It has quite a distinct appearance, a glowing blue gem sits atop a small cluster of stones and rocks. They can take quite a beating, often taking several sections to destroy. However, once destroyed you can claim the Crystal Chunks. There are many locations for these nodes, they are rare but not impossible to find. This is just a good spot to find a large gathering in a small location.

Where To Find Crystal Chunks In Genshin Impact

Find Crystal Chunks In Genshin Impact
You need to travel to Minlin. This is very far West of the starting area. At the base of Mt. Aozang there is a river that leads into a large cavern type structure with a lake inside. Head inside to the lake and you will see the Crystal Chunk nodes surrounding the water.

It’s a level 25-30+ area at World Level 0 so it can be tough if you’re not a very high level, but most enemies can be avoided on route. To reach the Minlin area you need to head South West from Windwail Highland to Bishui Plain. Then West from Bishui Plain to Minlin. Once you’re in the area, use the map above to track down the location of the cave.

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