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Where To Find DLC Pre-Order Items In God Of War Ragnarok

If you pre-ordered the special edition of the game, there are some free bonus DLC items to claim. In this guide on Where To Find DLC Pre-Order Items In God Of War Ragnarok we’ll walk you through the process of locating and claiming the different items you got for pre-ordering.

If you bought the Digital Deluxe Edition of God of War Ragnarok you can claim Darkdale Armor, Darkdale Attire, Darkdale Axe Grip, and Darkdale Blade Handles that can help Kratos on his journey. There are other items, such as the Dark Horse Digital Art Book, Official Digital Soundtrack, and a PSN Avatar for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, but all of those are claimed outside of the game. So let’s get to telling how to unlock all the Darkdale pre-order DLC Items.

Where To Find DLC Pre-Order Items In God Of War Ragnarok

If you want to unlock the pre-order DLC items you will need to follow the main story. Finish the Thor fight and then Atreus takes you to a temple. After some more story and cut-scenes you will eventually head to meet with the Dwarves. After Brok gives you a tutorial on how to craft new armor, he tells you of a nearby chest where you left some old supplies. Simply loot the chest next to Brok to find the DLC items.

  • If you pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition of God of War Ragnarok there are several in-game items you can claim
  • You can claim the complete Darkdale set which includes an attire, armor, blade handles, and an axe grip
  • Before you’re able to claim these items you need to follow the story until you meet the two Dwarves in their home
  • Open the huge chest next to Brok to find your Darkdale items
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