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Where To Find DLC Pre-Order Items In New World

If you pre-ordered New World or bought the Deluxe Edition, there are several DLC items you can obtain. This guide on Where To Find DLC Pre-Order Items In New World will tell how where to find the Woodsman Armor Skin, Hatch Skin, Emotes, and more.

There are several rewards offered for pre-ordering the game or buying the Deluxe Edition of New World. These items include

  • Woodsman Armor Skin
  • Woodsman Hatchet Skin
  • Mastiff House Pet
  • Rock/Paper/Scissors Emote
  • Fist Bump Emote
  • Character Title

Where To Get DLC Pre-Order Items In New World

There are several things you will need to figure out. Firstly, the Mastiff House Pet. Housing is not available until you reach Level 10 with area reputation. Once you have reached that level and get a house, you will have a Mastiff pet inside. Now, on to the other items that you can claim immediately at the start of the game.

Woodsman Armor Skin & Woodsman Hatchet Skin
Open your inventory (Tab) and then hover over an item you are wearing, such as a chest piece or pair of paints. Then, select the item by clicking it. This will allow you to explore the menu related to the item. Then simply select the “Change Skin” option. Here you will find the different skins you unlocked for the Deluxe Edition.

Rock/Paper/Scissors/Fist Bump Emotes
All of these are emotes to use in game, purely cosmetic, they don’t serve any combat or exploratory function. To explore the emotes in-game simply press the P button. This will bring up the Emotes screen and you should see the Fist Bump and Rock, Paper, Scissors emotes at the top of the Premium Emotes section.

Expedition One Title
Press the K button to open the Character screen. Then select the Bio screen. Here you will see the option to select a Title. Simply select Title and then choose “Expedition One” to use the title unlocked for pre-ordering New World.

That’s where to find all of the DLC, Premium, and Pre-Order items you receive for buying New World Deluxe Edition. Any questions on our guide for Where To Get DLC Pre-Order Items In New World, post a comment below.

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