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Where To Find Pre-Order DLC Weapons In Mafia 3

Where To Find DLC Weapons & Items In Mafia 3
If you pre-ordered Mafia 3 you gain access to several DLC weapons near the beginning of the game that will make the start of your criminal empire run a little more smoothly. This Where To Find Pre-Order DLC Weapons In Mafia 3 tells you what you have to do before you’re able to redeem the bonus content in the game and get your special weapons.

Where To Find DLC Weapons & Items In Mafia 3

There are 3 different weapons that you can unlock through the pre-order DLC bonus in Mafia 3. There is a shotgun, an automatic weapon and a rifle. Check below for the name of each weapon that is made available completely for free:

  • Barker 390 (Gator Skin)
  • Trench 1938 Drum
  • Camo Model 67

You are not able to get these weapons until you progress through the main story campaign until you gain access to Cassandra’s Associate, your first Associate. When you get Cassandra as an Associate a weapons truck will spawn just outside her house. Interact with the van to pick your weapons, the DLC weapons are available for free in their respective categories.

After that point you can summon the van yourself through the weapons wheel menu in the lower right.

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