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Where To Find DLC/Pre-Order Items For World Of Final Fantasy

Where To Find DLC Pre-Order Items For World Of Final Fantasy
World of Final Fantasy comes with an exciting array of unique and special items for those that pre-ordered the game or purchased the Day One Edition, although they’re not available as soon as you might expect. This Where To Find DLC/Pre-Order Items For World Of Final Fantasy will tell you where you have to go and how far you have to progress to find all of your pre-order or DLC items for World of Final Fantasy.

Where To Find DLC/Pre-Order Items For World Of Final Fantasy

If you pre-ordered World of Final Fantasy or picked up the special Day One Edition you’re treated to a variety of special items that you can use in-game. These include:

  • Cactuar Johnny
  • Crimson Armor
  • Sephiroth Summon
  • Red Bonnetberry
  • White Chocobo
  • Glow Moogle

While some of these, Crimson Armor, may appear to be items or things you can equip early on, they are not. With the exception of the Sephiroth Summon, which is actually a summon, the rest of the items are all exclusive to the World of Final Fantasy Coliseum. You unlock this after a couple of hours of game time, you can’t miss it. A Tonberry will appear and introduce you to the Coliseum. Likewise with the Sephiroth summon, it is not available until you’re introduced to the Girl Who Forgot Her Name. Both of these are integral parts of the main story so you cannot miss them. If you’re still looking to find your DLC items just push through a couple of dungeons and you’ll get there.

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