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Where To Find Dratini In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Dratini is another one of the original Pokemon and can be found in this game. Check out this guide to find out Where To Find Dratini In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet. This way you can be on your way to getting your Dragonite.

Where To Find Dratini In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

You will have to wait a bit to get Dratini because most of the ones I found were about level 50. There is a dragon titan on the map and they rest around there. You will also need to be able to swim.

Where To Find Dratini In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet 2

They can normally be found on the outskirts of the islands in Casseroya Lake. Open your map every now and then and look for the icon of a Dratini. This doesn’t point directly to one, but will let you know that one is in the area. When you find it, put it to sleep and capture it. From there you can start leveling and evolving it until you get your Dragonite.

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