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Where To Find Druddigon In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor

Where To Find Druddigon In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor
The Isle of Armor DLC introduces new Pokemon to Sword and Shield. This guide on Where To Find Druddigon In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor will tell you the exact location of this powerful Dragon type Pokemon so you can catch one and add it to your team.

If you do not own the Isle of Armor DLC, you are still able to trade and Mystery Gift the Pokemon from Isle of Armor but to actually catch a Druddigon, you must have the DLC purchased and installed. Once it’s installed head to the Isle of Armor and you’re halfway to catching a Druddigon.

Where To Find Druddigon In Pokemon Sword & Shield Isle Of Armor

You need to head to this small island in the South East, marked above. This is also the island that has the new best method to get Max IV Dittos. Once you reach the island look to the North and you will see a small cave going into the rockface. Head inside the cave and you will reach Brawler’s Cave. There’s a lot of Pokemon in here, including Poliwraith, but this is also where you find Druddigon.

Where To Find Druddigon

Head into the cave and cross the river up a small hill. At the top you will see this location. Druddigon is an overworld spawn in this area. He can be quite tough to catch so make sure you come prepared.

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