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Where To Find Eevee In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Eevee is a Pokemon that you can get pretty early on in Arceus. Check out this guide and find out where to find Eevee in Pokemon Legends Arceus. This way you can figure out which Eeveeloution you want to get and start early.

There are some special tricks to evolve Eevee for free in this version, so be sure to check out our guide.

Where To Find Eevee In Pokemon Legends Arceus

Eevee can be found early, but it is a very rare get. It will can spawn day or night and you can find it here on the map. Head to the Obsidian Highlands.

Now I say it is rare, but you might get lucky. Here is what I did to get one to spawn. So if you go to camp you can make it night time in the area that you are in. Head to that spot on the map and look around the whole area. Eevee can spawn in a couple spots around there, but only around there. If you don’t see one, leave the area and come back.

The downside to Eevee being so rare is that I couldn’t get it to spawn by just adjusting the time at camp. I had to leave the area and reload back into the Obsidian Highlands to find my Eevees. So I either had very bad luck, or you need to reload the instance to get an Eevee to spawn. You can sneak up and toss a Pokeball when you finally get one to spawn, because it is a low level. Remember that Eevee will only spawn at night on this map.

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