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Where To Find Eggs In Pokemon Go

Where To Find Eggs In Pokemon Go
One of the most exciting features of Pokemon Go is the ability to find eggs, hatch powerful Pokemon and train them to defend your gyms or showoff to your friends. This Where To Find Eggs In Pokemon Go guide will show you exactly what you need to do in order to gather some eggs and begin your conquest of your hometown.

Huge List Of All Pokemon From Eggs In Pokemon Go

Where To Find Eggs In Pokemon Go?

The traditional Pokemon games make it a little difficult to obtain eggs. Often forcing the player to wait until they reach a certain point in the game or have discovered certain parts of the map. Pokemon Go is a little different.

You can get eggs as soon as you start the game in Pokemon Go. All you need to do is to check your map for Pokestop’s. These are floating, holographic like squares that you’ll find scattered in your nearby area. Sadly you do have to get quite close in order to use them, traveling in a car you can go too fast and miss the location. Once you find your nearest Pokestop and get close enough, you will see the icon change to signal it is ready to be used.

Interact with it and you’ll get a circular disc shape on screen, usually with a logo of the Pokestop. All you need to do is spin the circular disc in the middle. After a short time you will see a number of items come flying off the spinning disc. Typically you will get Pokeballs, make sure to click them to obtain them.

You can also however get Pokemon eggs. I never found one at my first 5 Pokestops but then I found 3 in the next one – so it can be an unreliable drop rate but it’s still a great way to get eggs.

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