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Where To Find Emeril In No Man’s Sky Next

Where To Find Emeril In No Man's Sky Next
Building an Indium Drive opens up a lot more systems to explore but you need Emeril. This guide will tell you Where To Find Emeril In No Man’s Sky Next so you can stock up, store and then use the Emeril to craft the Indium Drive into your favorite ships and freighters.

Where To Find Emeril In No Man’s Sky Next

Before embarking on your search to locate Emeril materials, you need to make sure you are equipped for the job. You need to have a Terrain Manipulator modification on your tool and ideally, an Analysis Visor too. The Terrain Manipulator is vital as it lets you mine the actual Emeril resource whereas an Analysis Visor is not vital but useful, as it highlights the mining locations on the planet.

No Man’s Sky’s universe is procedurally generated. That makes it impossible for me to give you an exact location and even if I could, the changes of you being nearby are astronomical. However, as with all procedurally generated content, there are patterns and predictable algorithms.

Emeril can be found on planets that are orbiting green stars. Check your Galaxy Map, either aboard your Starship or Freighter. You will notice many stars in the area but you should also notice stars of different colors. You want to specifically target green stars and then look at the system to check if it has many planets. Typically, I would look for a minimum of 2-3 planets to increase your chances.

Once you’ve found your green star simply jump to that system and scan the planets to learn Where To Find Emeril In No Man’s Sky Next.

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