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Where To Find Enemy Skill Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Where To Find Enemy Skill Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Enemy Skill Materia is one of the strongest in FF7R. This guide on Where To Find Enemy Skill Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Remake will tell you what you have to do in order to unlock one of the most popular Materia’s from the original game, Materia that lets you learn the abilities of enemies you face.

The Enemy Skill Materia is a unique Materia as it behaves unlike any other. When a character has the Enemy Skill Materia equipped, they can learn abilities cast and used by enemy monsters. These abilities vary greatly, making Enemy Skill Materia strong and very versatile, with both magical and physical attacks include. While there may be more later down the road, there is only one Enemy Skill Materia in FF7R.

Where To Find Enemy Skill Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Where To Find Enemy Skill Materia In Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Unfortunately, the Enemy Skill Materia is not available until very late in the game. It becomes available in Chapter 14, which isn’t far from the end of the main story. However, this part of the game is the most freedom you’ve had the entire journey, so there’s still plenty of stuff to do. Complete the mini-games, finish all the side quests and learn all the Enemy Skills to help with the final battles ahead.

Very early in the story you will meet Chadley. Chadley is an Ex-Shinra employee who wants to help develop brand new Materia, he’s also the primary source of most of the Summoning Materia. Chadley will regularly give you Battle Intel challenges to complete, this is the path to unlocking Enemy Skill Materia.

When he gives you challenges, try to complete them all but focus primarily on Monster Bio challenges. These are very simple challenges, requiring you to use Assess Materia to scan enemies for weaknesses and other information. Complete each Monster Bio challenge as they appear and then once you reach Chapter 14, speak with Chadley to unlock Monster Bio Pt. 4. It’s very likely you will instantly complete the objective, if you’ve been using Assess a lot. Once that’s complete, speak with Chadley and then purchase the Enemy Skill Materia.

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