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Where To Find Falinks In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where To Find Falinks In Pokemon Sword & Shield
Falinks is a new Pokemon in Generation VIII. This guide will tell you Where To Find Falinks In Pokemon Sword & Shield as while it’s not a rare Pokemon, you can only find it in one particular place in all of Sword & Shield.

The Falinks Pokemon is available to catch in both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. It has a number of unique qualities, with unique moves only available on Falinks, and it’s gender less. But, as mentioned previously, you can only find this in one place in the wild.

Where To Find Falinks In Pokemon Sword & Shield

Where To Find Falinks
Falinks is a Fighting Pokemon so be careful when you are using moves strong against fighting as they can go down quickly. You can find Falinks on Route 8. Halfway through the route there are a number of small holes, the Falinks come out of these holes and patrol the immediate area.

This is the only place to find Falinks.

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