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Where To Find Farfetch’d In Pokemon Sword

Where To Find Farfetch'd In Pokemon Sword Guide
Farfetch’d is one of the exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon Sword, and with a brand new evolution. This guide tells you Where To Find Farfetch’d In Pokemon Sword so you can hunt down this leek wielding, critical-hit machine and eventually discover his brand new evolution.

As mentioned previously, Farfetch’d is a Pokemon exclusive to Pokemon Sword. This means that you cannot catch Farfetch’d in Pokemon Shield. It may be possible to find a Trainer that will trade with you but without the added option of trading with another player, you can only catch Farfetch’d in Sword.

Where To Find & Catch Farfetch’d In Pokemon Sword

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You can find Farfetch’d on Route 5 near the Pokemon Nursery.

Farfetched and wubbafett location

Farfetch’d was never the greatest Pokemon but with Sirfetch’d now available as an evolution, he’s suddenly become a lot more interesting. Farfetch’d is a Flying/Normal type Pokemon so avoid using Rock moves as they may fall easily. Just be careful you don’t kill Farfetch’d in a single hit. Alternatively, just use a Pokemon with a lot of HP and you should be fine.

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