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Where To Find & Farm DNA Keys In Marvel’s Avengers

Where To Find & Farm DNA Keys In Marvel's Avengers
DNA Keys open the doors to some of the best loot in the game. This guide on Where To Find & Farm DNA Keys In Marvel’s Avengers will tell you exactly what you have to do in order to farm a decent amount of DNA Keys through daily activities, allowing you to open special chests within vault missions.

The Vault missions in Marvel’s Avengers offers some of the biggest possible gear upgrades and rewards in the game. They are tough, rare, and worth the challenge. Nearly all Vault missions contain special biometrically locked DNA strongboxes that can only be opened with a DNA Key. As such, it’s best to save your limited Vault attempts until you have enough keys to open the DNA box on each run. Thankfully, finding and farming DNA Keys isn’t all that difficult.

Where To Find & Farm DNA Keys In Marvel’s Avengers

Where To Find & Farm DNA Keys In Marvels Avengers
Currently you can visit both Faction Coordinators to receive daily missions. There is one aboard the carrier and one in the Inhuman base. Both factions provide you with daily assignments that offer rare materials and other valuable rewards but they also both offer a daily mission.

The Villain Sector Daily Missions are available from both vendors and they both take you to the same location, an encounter with a villain boss, Task Master. Once defeated, there is a very high chance you will receive a DNA Key. I’ve done it 4 times and received the DNA Key on every occasion so while it may not be 100% guaranteed, it’s definitely a very high chance.

Be sure to check both Faction Coordinators every day to see if the Villain Sector mission is available. The Daily Missions reset at 17:00 UTC

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