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Where To Find Fibers In New World

If you want to craft a Fishing Rod in New World, you’re going to need some Fiber. This guide on Where To Find Fibers In New World will tell you how you can harvest Fiber as you need a specific tool and you need to locate a certain resource.

You need a Sickle, a basic one can be crafted at any campfire, including the camp you make yourself. You then need to find some Hemp, shown in the image at the top of this article.

  • Craft a basic Sickle at your fire
  • Travel about 30-45 seconds outside of the first large town you encounter
  • Search for Hemp plants and use the Sickle to harvest Fiber
  • They are most common on the outside of settlements and farms.

Where To Find Fibers In New World

You need to find Hemp. There are different types of Hemp and as there are a lot of different starting locations, I can’t tell you exactly where to find them based on your current location. However, they are not rare. You are looking for a tall grass-type plant with thin green stems and red-like flowers on top. They are easy to find.

Every single starting town has the same resources available in the nearby area because all of the quests are either identical or very similar. As such, you will be able to find any of the basic resources you need not so far out of town. Using the image at the top of this article, walk 30-60 seconds outside of the main starting town (not the camp at the very beginning) and you will find yourself some Hemp in no time.

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