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Where To Find Flax & Fiber In ASKA

Three Different Methods Of Obtaining Fiber In ASKA

ASKA’s world seed system could mean you spawn in a location very lacking in specific resources. In this guide, we explain three different ways to obtain Flax and Fiber so you can fulfill all your Rope needs whatever world you spawn in.

In this guide on how to get Fiber, we’ll provide in-depth details on three different methods of farming this valuable resource. This guarantees a regular supply of Flax, regardless of how random your world is.

Gathering Flax & Fiber

An image showing the different types of resources in ASKA, highlighting the visual icon for Flax to aid players in finding it easier

Gathering Flax, which becomes Fiber as you collect the resource, is the single best method of obtaining Fiber. However, as mentioned previously, the availability of Flax as a gatherable resource depends on your world seed.

It’s worth noting that Flax doesn’t appear to spawn commonly on the beach or near water, which is where all seeds start the player. As such, you may need to explore a short distance before you can find some.

Bonus Tip – Set Villager Priority On Fiber To High

Both the Woodcutters Pit and Gathering pit, later upgraded to Huts and Houses, are able to assign Villagers to gather Flax. You can change the priority order to high to increase the amount of Flax your villagers gather.

Use your Search Area Sense (Z) to scan the nearby area for resources. This highlights all available resources in a small radius. Look at the image above, this is what you are looking for.

It’s a medium-sized shrubbery covered in white flowers. It is smaller than Dwarf Spruce, which is a taller shrubbery void of flowers, and it’s bigger than ground-root vegetables, such as Beetroot.

Once you understand the size differences between the resources, you should be able to locate Fiber quicker.

Resourcing Flax & Fiber

An image showing players a second method of obtaining Fiber in ASKA, by dismantling other resources, shown in the image

If you are unlucky enough to arrive in a World Seed that lacks the natural gathering nodes for Flax, there is an alternative method. You can obtain Fiber by dismantling other materials.

For example, whenever you cut down trees, you are given Bark. Bark is used for certain construction recipes and other items, but it can also be used for Fiber – although in smaller quantities than the natural resource.

Simply gather a lot of Bark and then drop it all on the ground at your feet. You can then use the Harvest (R) button to dismantle the Bark, turning it into Fiber.

Farming Flax & Fiber

An image showing players a third method of obtaining Fiber in ASKA, by farming it at a Farm.

The final option, and arguably the best in terms of sustaining long term supply, is to farm Flax. In order to do this, you need to construct a Farm, which can be found in the Advanced Production build menu.

Once the farm is constructed, you can plant Flax and harvest it for a more regular supply of Fiber. It does require maintenance and a villagers aid, but if you play to play for the long haul, it’s a worthy investment.

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