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Where To Find Formal Raiment & Masquerade Mask In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Attending the event in proper clothing unlocks an achievement. This guide on Where To Find Formal Raiment & Masquerade Mask In Dragon’s Dogma 2 gives you a quick and easy guide to follow to find all three items required to attend the ball.

Where To Find Masquerade Mask

Where To Find Masquerade Mask

There are two options when it comes finding the Eventide Mask. Firstly, you can buy it from travelling vendors. These are peddlers that you can often find in towns and roaming around the wilderness. Unfortunately, this does make them a little difficult to track down, so there is another option.

Simply follow the main story missions in the capital until you get the side quest A Magisterial Amenity. At the beginning of this quest you will be given an Eventide Mask as a means to gain access to the event. This completes the first part of the costume.

Where To Find Formal Raiment

Where To Find Formal Raiment

The Formal Raiment is the complete outfit, in which you need the Courtly Tunic and the Courtly Breeches, a shirt and pants, basically. There are multiple locations to find these items but the easiest is the Watchheads Home in the Noble Quarter in the city.

If, for some reason, you have already looted and sold those versions, other houses in the Noble Quarter also have the Courtly Breeches and Courtly Tunic. Finally, you could also complete the side quest The Ornate Box and, eventually, Sven will give you both items.

That’s all you need to attend the Masquerade and get the achievement. Any questions, please comment below.

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