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Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw In Windbound

Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw In Windbound
You need the Gloomharrow Jaw to make an axe to harvest wood. This guide on Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw In Windbound will tell you when and where you can find Gloomharrow as although you need the Jaw in the very first Chapter of the game, it’s not available until much later.

When you attempt to cut down a dead tree you will unlock the axe recipe. Once the recipe is unlocked you will notice that most of the ingredients are basic but there’s one unique ingredient, the Gloomharrow Jaw. The axe is a basic tool required to make wood, which provides you with tier 3 boat upgrades, but you will not find Gloomharrow in the earlier stages.

Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw In Windbound

Where To Find Gloomharrow Jaw In Windbound
While it may be available previously, Chapter 3 onward is the only location we’ve found that is guaranteed to feature a Gloomharrow enemy. They are quite common from Chapter 3 onwards so you will come across one or two during your travels. Just be sure to explore all of the islands you see, including those that don’t have the keys for objectives.

It can be a tough fight if you’re not prepared. A few well placed headshots with a bow from a distance is the best way to take down the Gloomharrow. However, a skill combatant can take it down in melee with a Bone Spear. It will vanish after each hit and reappear nearby. If you are in close range it will roar and then attempt to bite you. If you are too far for a bit, it will launch a tongue attack.

Stay within melee range if you’re using a Spear. Attack it and wait for it to reappear. When it reappears wait for the audio cue, a kind of growl, and the dodge. If you dodge the attack, respond with an attack of your own and it will vanish again. Do this technique a few times and you shouldn’t have any problem taking down Gloomharrow.

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