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Where To Find Gorehorn Crest In Windbound

Where To Find Gorehorn Crest In Windbound
The Gorehorn Crest is one of the first unique materials you will need to find. This guide on Where To Find Gorehorn Crest In Windbound will tell you exactly what Chapter you can find the Gorehorn and how you can best take it down.

The Gorehorn is one of the first unique enemies you will find. I say unique, there’s a lot of them, but they are the only enemies to drop the Gorehorn Crest. This is a pattern throughout the game. Many special recipes require you to kill a specific enemy, so the Gorehorns are great for early practice to get used to the combat.

Where To Find Gorehorn Crest In Windbound

Where To Find Gorehorn Crest In Windbound
The Gorehorns are common throughout the entire game. They nearly always appear in Chapter 1 and all following chapters. They can be a difficult fight as it’s likely your first major battle against an enemy that may actually kill you. They have three main attacks. A simple bite, a charge attack, and a rear kick attack. It would strongly advice you get a Bone Spear before trying to take it down, as it does a lot more damage.

The spear does have quite a range to it so you can hide behind a tree and attack through it to hit the Gorehorn quite safely. It’s best to try and attack the Gorehorn from the side as it will either need to turn for the bite, or turn for the kick. The turn indicates an attack so it should give you enough time to dodge, approach to the side and attack again.

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